Egg & Sujuk Pan

Chopped Lebanese sausage, baked w/ scrambled eggs, topped w/ parsley and served w/ 2 Arabic breads.

30 DH

Oven Baked Shakshuka Pan

Cooked fresh tomatoes, onions, green chili w/ Palestinian spices, baked with scrambled eggs, topped w/ parsley and served w/ 2 fresh Arabic breads.

23 DH

Oven Baked Egg Pan

4 Pieces of egg, brush of ghee butter, baked and served w/ 2 fresh Arabic bread and fresh parsley on top.

19 DH

Oven Baked Nabulsi Cheese

Authentic Palestinian nabulsi cheese, comes in 4 slices, baked and topped w/ authentic Palestinian olive oil, fresh parsley and served w/ 2 fresh Arabic bread.

25 DH

Oven Baked Halloumi

5 Slices of fresh halloumi cheese baked and topped with authentic Palestinian olive oil and fresh parsley.

27 DH

Potato & Egg Pan

Fried cubes of fresh potato in finest corn oil, baked w/ scrambled eggs, garnished with fresh chili and served with 2 Arabic breads.

26 DH

Tomato Meat Pan

Signature tomato sauce cooked from fresh tomatoes, onions, green chili, Palestinian spices, oven baked fresh lamb cubes and served w/ 2 breads.

30 DH

Mashed Potato & Meat Pan

A layer of mashed potato, on top of a layer of minced meat and onion, finished with toasted bread crumbs on top.

31 DH

Za'atar Lemon Chicken Wings

Fresh Chicken Wings, Marinated in Palestinian Za'atar and lemon, cooked in the oven in a garlic lemon sauce.

24 DH

Tomato Pan

21 DH