Mama'esh Breakfast Platter (DINE-IN ONLY)

2 baked eggs, Palestinian hummus, Baked Nabulsi Cheese, Maqdous, Pickles and vegetables, served with tea

34 DH

Palestinian House Breakfast Tray (Dine-in Only)

Two boiled eggs, Palestinian Nabulsi cheese, Palestinian Foul Mudammes beef mortadella with olives , Palestinian Duggah or za’atar , Palestinian olive oil, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, carrots and Rocca leaves , Palestinian qizha paste (black seeds paste) with natural honey, fresh hot bread from organic flour, yogurt or labneh, tea

38 DH

Jam And Cheese

Orange Jam Made in-house with the peel, With one option of cheese, Nabulsi Cheese, or Haloumi Cheese or Feta Cheese, served with bread.

12 DH