Fattoush Salad

Balanced mixture of fresh vegetables and leaves, dressed in pomegranate molasses syrup and home baked bread croutons, sprinkled with sumac powder.

26 DH

Palestinian Freekeh Salad

Palestinian freekeh, mixed with leafy herbs and tomato, with hint of green chili, raisins & chickpeas

26 DH

Watermelon & Nabulsi Cheese Salad

Fresh watermelon & nabulsi cheese.

16 DH

Feta & Tomato Plate

Crushed feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, green chili with olive oil, topped w/ fresh mint and served w/ 2 fresh Arabic bread.

22 DH

Lentil Soup

Classic Lentil soup mixed Vegs, Served with crunchy bread crotons and veg on the side.

13 DH

Palestinian Freekeh & Chicken Soup

Palestinian freekeh cooked in chicken stocks, with fresh shredded chicken, spiced with black pepper & signature spice mix. (Freekeh: unripened wheat that has been roasted and crushed)

17 DH

Chicken Garden Salad

ِKeto Friendly Salad, chicken breast, marinated in Palestinian Za'atar, lettuce, Za'atar leaves, tomato, cucumber, yellow capsicum, parsley, Radish. with lemon and olive oil dressing.

31 DH

Freekeh Tabbouleh

Shredded Parsley, Tomato, Palestinian Freekeh, Spring Onion, lemon and Salt

19 DH